First photos!

First photos posted

Team photos and photos from day 1 (Sunday) have been posted

JC Application 2017 is now open!

JC Application 2017 is now open!

Please find details here.

PoM 2016 is open!

Problem of the Month 2016 is now open!

New season of Problem of the Month contest is now officially open! Remember, winners of PoM will be accepted to SigmaCamp 2017 without the qualifying quiz.

Please see POM page for more information.

SigmaCamp 2016 Photos

SigmaCamp 2016 Photos

Thank you all for a great season! We will begin to post our extensive collection of photos from Sigma 2016 shortly. Campers: Please check your emails to find the link to the end-of-season survey and fill it out if you haven't already, to help us make Sigma 2017 even better.

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