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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled" ~Plutarch


Q&A with Sigma Lecturers: Machine Learning and Language

Q&A with Sigma Lecturers: Machine Learning and Language

SigmaCamp continues Q&A sessions with Sigma Lecturers. Then next Q&A with Michael Douglas will take place via Zoom on June 16rd at 3pm EST:

Machine Learning and Language
by Michael Douglas

Please visit http://sigmacamp.org/2020-q-and-a/douglas for details.

SigmaCamp 2020 Goes Virtual

SigmaCamp 2020 Goes Virtual!

On behalf of the Sigma Staff, we are delighted to share with you that SigmaCamp 2020 is going virtual! We are working on retaining many aspects of the traditional Sigma experience, while taking advantage of new opportunities. We are excited about how the program is taking shape, and will share details with you soon, including the much-anticipated list of semilabs... Read more below.

A short film about SigmaCamp

A short film about SigmaCamp

Ekaterina Eremenko, an award-winning documentary filmmaker known for her films about math and mathematicians, had visited SigmaCamp in August 2017, and had produced a short movie about us: The SigmaFilm.

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