December POM grades

December POM grades

Grades for December problems have now been posted - check your account to see your score!

Also, we have posted hints for January POM.

Sigma Camp 2017!

SigmaCamp 2017!

Dear SigmaCampers: we are happy to announce that we start accepting applications for SC 2017 on March 1, 2017! The dates of the camp are Aug 13-20, 2017. We will post other relevant information as we get closer to March 1.

Also, the currently posted Problem of the Month assignment (Jan 2017) is the last assignment of this season; once it is graded, we will announce the winners who will be offered admission to SC 2017 without the qualification quiz.

January POM problems posted

January POM

January Problems of the Month, as well as solutions of December POM, have been posted.

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