Buoyancy, Archimedes Law, and the Kinetic Theory of Gases

David Ananikian, PhD

Two semilab sessions will be devoted to the Archimedes’ law in liquids and gases. We will start with history behind the Archimedes’ principle and theoretical introduction. The experimental setup will be provided, and under the guidance of the instructor students will perform a real physical experiment to validate the law of buoyancy and measure the Archimedes’ force.

The other two sessions will be devoted to a hydrostatic pressure (hydrostatic paradox), and kinetic theory of gases. We will explore the dependence of the boiling temperature of water on pressure and demonstrate how water can be boiled with ice and/or can we really turn boiling water to ice.

During each session there will be a set of short demos sometimes with counterintuitive outcomes, and students will be encouraged to explain the outcomes, justify and defend their reasoning based on the concepts explained and tested before.