Chemistry of Photography

Boris Kuznetsov

Kiryl Piatkevick, PhD

Starting from the Stone Age, humans had been trying to preserve the world around them – the things, creatures and peoples – as images. Unfortunately, the only technique they could use for that was drawing or painting. Situation changed in XIX century, when the scientists realized that the light by itself can draw. That was done using co called wet photographic process, a technique that had been widely used until 2000s, and now is being used mostly by professional photographers and artists. During our semilab, we will study the chemical bases of photographic process, will learn how to develop photographic films and how to print photographs on paper. Students will get a chance to prepare photographic emulsion, and to make their own photographic paper, thereby reproducing XIX century experiments that lead to discovery of photography. The students will get acquainted with modern photographic technique, and with some specific photographic processes that allow creation of various special effects.