Day Six

Day Five

Four choices of lectures this morning. Robotic surgery and origins of life captured most of the audience.  This gave an opportunity to some interested parties to have intimate discussions on beautiful topics of how to listen to music and how to do geometry with a ruler and compass alone. In the meantime Gabe, the junior instructor, captured the attention of the youngest inhabitants of the camp with a talk about the digestive system. In the second part of the day junior instructor Mark brought the excitement of the chess to our youngsters. 

Day Four

Day Three

Out of three lectures, Alexey Tkachenko attracted the most public and held them captive through the whole presentation of his idea of a Drunken Sailor  and other mathematical interpretations of these more or less random movements.  Now we all know of why we move and where we are going.

Labs brought on new experiments and discoveries in the world of science according to our school age audience. 

Day Two

All camp activities are in full swing.

In the morning the campers woke up, met for morning exercises, and after breakfast attended their choice out of three lectures: Psychology of Mood, Color of the Sun, Pharmacy Chemistry.

First day of semi-labs followed.

Day One

All campers arrived, grabbed themselves comfortable bunks, and were happy to see their parents off to start enjoying a newfound freedom out of school and out of parental control.

Team Building exercises were structured as a treasure hunt for clues to code lock combination. All teams managed to visit all 12 stations in under the allotted time of 3 hours without any losses of life or happiness and even with noticeable signs of amusement.

Day Zero: getting ready

The staff and counselors of Sigma Camp spent the last two days getting everything ready for the campers who arrive tomorrow: creating posters and signs, setting up lab equipment for the labs, sorting the T-shirts by size and arguing about the special activities planned for tomorrow.

Hope to see you all tomorrow - and meanwhile, here are the first photos of SigmaCamp2013!

SigmaBlog Created!

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