Evening clubs 2013

Here are some thing we did in the evenings:

Σ cinema

Campers and staff watched some classic and more recent movies of high art value:

  • Franco Zefirelli’s Romeo and Juliet
  • Albert Lamorisse’s The Red Balloon
  • Animation of Nick Park – shorts with Wallace and Grommit
  • Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom

Σ arts

A series of lectures on art on history:

  • From Realism in Art to Abstraction and Beyond, presented by Vicka Beshadsky
  • The Dark Ages: from Late Antiquity to formation of Europe, presented by Maxim Braverman
  • Poetry Club, led by Cristina Mata and Jenny Nitishinskaya
  • Glass Harmonica – where art, music and animation meet, presented by Danya Lukin
  • Style and Meaning in Music, presented by Leon Livshin

Σ team trivia

We had two evenings of Brain Ring where teams of 6 competed in a game requiring both knowledge and logical thinking. Another competition was Around The World in 80 Minutes event, where 3 teams competed applying their knowledge of geography and history

Σ game room

The game room was open every evening, stocked with numerous board games. This year’s favorites were Settlers of Catan (again), Stratego and, of course, chess.

Σ dance lessons