2013 Experiment of the day

Although the SigmaCamp 2013 schedule was full of various experiments and workshop, one event, Experiment-of-the-Day, stayed apart from all others: that was the only event when the campers were performing your own experiments (the experiments they proposed and designed), not the experiments designed by the adult staff members.

Thus, Christopher Hayes, a 12 years old SC camper, experimentally demonstrated what happens when you attempt to extinguish burning magnesium with water. Another camper, Nestor Tkachenko, made several demonstrations with phosphorescent and chemiluminiscent liquids (“glowing in the dark”).

The campers, who wanted to participate in the Experiment-of-the-Day, contacted our staff members in advance, two months before SC had started. They provided a description of the experiments they wanted to perform, and listed all materials they needed for that. After their experiments were approved by our staff (obviously, we cannot do experiments that are obviously unsafe), all materials had been provided, and, upon arrival to SC our young experimenters started preparations for their Experiments-of-the-Day under supervision of our staff members.