Staying in Touch During Camp


Dear SigmaParent, 

Every day at SigmaCamp is filled with events and is extremely busy for both campers and staff -- this online form makes communication with us effective and reliable.

If you would like to get in touch with your camper, the best way is to leave a message through this form. Every evening, messages submitted here are printed out and distributed (in private) to campers. This means of communication is a perfect way to tell your camper how you've been, make sure your camper has a dry pair of shoes, and encourage a call home. The most convenient time for campers to call home is between 9:30 and 10pm, and they will be offered cell phones to do so.

If you have a non-urgent question or concern for the staff, you are also encouraged to use this form. You can request an email reply or a phone call back -- feel free to indicate the name of the staff member you wish to speak to. Messages are checked throughtout the day and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Please be advised that if there is an emergency, you can always reach us at 1- (631) 371-3271 and 1- (631) 355-2024

Please enter the most preferred number via which we (or your child) can reach you today.