What's inside the iPhone? (or: Steve Jobs forbid it, but we still went there) by  Daniil Lukin

Chemistry of Baking by Cristina Mata

Printing black and white photos by Kiryl Piatkevich

Building a Sound Synth by Alex Treyer

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Ideas to Products and Techies to Startups by Angela Cheng

Math and Science in Origami: Principles of Folding by Angela Cheng

Making a Sundial by Alex Zaliznyak

Make your own Lava Lamps by Chelsea Maresca

Making Silly Putty  by Anzhelina Shtenger

Conway's Game of Life by Andrey Gromov

The Turing Machine by Andrey Gromov

Demonstrations with Liquid Nitrogen by Kimberly Lamont

I scream for Ice Cream: Make your own Ice Cream by Sunni Tang

Breaking Geodes by Sunni Tang

The Art of Knot-Tying by Sasha Abanov

Vortex Theory by David Ananikian

Zome Crazy Bubbles by Lena Yakubovskaya

Glass blowing (a.k.a. test tube flowers) by Mark Lukin

Rockets & Propulsion by Boris Podobedov


Bioinformatics (phylogenetics) unplugged by Slava+Tanya Yurchenko

Silicate gardens by Kostya Khrapko

Preparing a butterfly collection by Kostya Khrapko

Tricks of modern Mind Readers by Irina Sourikova

Playing with Bernoulli and the Magnus effect: unusual force of moving water and air flow by Igor Zaliznyak

Building paper rollercoaster by Marina Kreydina

Guestimation by Maxim Braverman



Creating your ad or how good a car dealer you are. The introduction to the art of persuasion by Julia Braverman

Beyond Color: Infrared Photography. By Sergey Butkevitch

Abstract Groups Made Easy by Nick Tarantino

The Medical Science Within Comic Books by Steven Castano

Sherlock Holmes's Club by Tatiana Portnaya

Modeling of protein structure by Dima Kozakov

Why Bikes Don't Fall (and other weird things physics does) by Jenny Nitishinskaya