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Dear Parents. 

We would like to make the disclosure.  Due to some extra activities on this day and the generous offer of our wonderful staff to help out with photography by using their own cameras, the volume of photos is unusually large.  Therefore, we did not have a chance to do all the editing that we usually finish by these early hours of the morning.  Now it is almost 8 am and it is time for us to go acquire more photos for the new day.  Please, excuse if the photos do not look as good as usually, but enjoy the volume.

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Day Five at Sigma Camp.

We woke up today to ponchos in the living rooms and rain drizzling on the pines at Silver Lake. It was the first rainy day of Sigma Camp 2014. After having some pancakes from breakfast, the campers had a choice of four interesting lectures. Two were repeats of well reviewed lectures from last year. Marina Polonskaya repeated her crowd favorite on parasitic infections, called "The Tail Wagging the Dog", while Dr. Igor Zaliznyak from Brookhaven National Laboratory gave an  informative exposition of the methods of Archimedes of Syracuse, one of the greatest mathematicians of all time.

Day Four

The fourth day of Sigma Camp started with some spirited morning exercises.

Day Three

Day three of Sigma Camp saw new friendships form and exciting opportunities present themselves. After breakfast, the campers were able to choose between several exciting lectures: Stony Brook professor Helmut Strey spoke about the "Maker revolution" and startups, Dima Kozakov from Boston University introduced the campers to protein structure, Nikita Nekrasov from the Simons Center at Stony Brook talked about mathematical models of reality and their significance, and, finally, Sasha Abanov from Stony Brook gave a lecture on the Quantum Hall effect.

Day 2

Today started with morning exercises and breakfast. The food at Silver Lake is fresh and well prepared and some of it comes from their garden right outside; the leftovers are composted. The cafeteria has a warm and woodsey feel. At mealtimes, the staff tell campers stories of inspiring incidents from the lives of scientists.

First day recap (updated)

Just for you, who are wondering at what exactly did Sigma Challenge involved, and what were your kids doing during the second part of the day. They did not cry for you. Sorry...  We kept them too busy. And here is a gilmpse with exactly what:

Upon arriving at the Silver Lake Campsite, the campers had a few minutes to get to know each other and the counselors, and say hello to friends from previous years.

First day

The first day of Sigma Camp has concluded! All campers settled in their rooms, met old friends and made new ones. As usual, the first day was quite full. Among the highlights:

SigmaBlog 2014

We are getting ready for SigmaCamp!

Watch this space for news, and, announcements, and photos.