SC 2014 Semilab: Chemistry and Electricity

by Oxana Litvin

Do you know that electric current was produced for the first time by chemical means? Actually, the connection between electricity and chemistry is much closer that it seems. Not only is electricity produced during many chemical processes, but the electric current, in turn, can elicit many interesting chemical transformations. During this advanced level semilab, we will learn about the theory behind electrochemical phenomena, and will use our knowledge to make various spectacular experiments, including the electrolysis of water or salt solutions (preparation of oxygen, hydrogen, or other gases), electrophoresis, and galvanoplastics (coating of an iron nail with copper, making a silver flower). We also will construct our own galvanic cells (i.e. batteries), and will study chemical reactions of electrolytes to develop secret ink, chemical tricks, and spectacular colorful reactions.

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