SC 2014 Semilab: From Gene to Protein in 5 days

by Elena Yakubovskaya

What is genetic engineering?

Simply put, you take a gene of some protein, introduce it into a new organism - and this organism starts to produce this foreign protein as if it were its own. One simple example: millions of diabetes patients use insulin that has been prepared that way in bacteria.

During this advanced level semilab, we will do the same trick using a gene of GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein), originally from a small jellyfish, as an example. We will prepare a DNA molecule that carries the GFP gene, and make bacteria use it to produce protein. Thanks to its ability to fluoresce, the presence of GFP can be traced by naked eye under a UV lamp throughout all the procedures following protein expression.We will purify the GFP, have a look at its green fluorescence, and then analyze other properties of this protein. During this 5 days experimental course you will learn many different laboratory techniques.

To save us time for doing all the experiments, you will be provided (in advance) with necessary reading materials that you need to read, understand and answer some questions before the start of camp.


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