SC 2015 Semilab: Robotics with LEGO NXT

by Alexander Kirillov

Original description

In this semilab, students will build and program robots using LEGO NXT set. They will divided into teams of 2-3 students; each team had to build and program their own robot using RobotC, a C-like programming language. As in the previous year, we will be building a robot capable of navigating a maze.

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What we actually did

We decided to move from LEGO NXT to a different kind of robot: Zumo 32U4, by Pololu. It is based on an Arduino-compatible microprocessor, so instead of RobotC, we used Arduino IDE to program it in C++. Otherwise, the task was the same: teaching the robot to find its way out of a maze. All teams managed to program the simpler `wall-following' algorithm; one team also completed the more complicated Pledge algorithm that guarantees that the robot can find its way out even if it starts inside the maze.

Below are the materials for this semilab:

And here are some videos, demonstrating our achievements:

More videos: