Semilabs 2016 requirements

Dear semilab instructors:

please enter the equipment requirements for your semilab below. 

 SigmaCamp will provide the basics: tables, chairs, whiteboard (if needed), power connections (please indicate your needs). 

Computers for campers need to be individually discussed with Lena Yakubovskaya.

If you need some other supplies that you would like SigmaCamp to buy, please indicate it in the form below. Otherwise, you are expected to provide all supplies for your semilab; SigmaCamp will reimburse your expenses (within some limits). Please enter the estimated expenses in the form below. If you expect to spend more than $200, please talk to us beforehand.

You can view current (preliminary) enrollment numbers for the semilabs here.

Do you require a computer projector?
Do you need a whiteboard?
Do you need laptops for campers? If so, how many? any special requirements? If you are providing laptops for your own lab, please indicate it.
Do you need extension cords/power strips? Please estimate how many.
Please estimate your expenses for all other supplies you plan to buy for your lab.