2017 Junior Counselor Application Instructions

Eligibility and information

If all of the following apply to you:
- you are a SigmaAlum
- you are turning 16 years or older before the start of Sigma 2017
- you are currently in 11th grade
- you can make yourself available between August 10-20, 2017
you are eligible to apply for the Junior Counselor position at SigmaCamp 2017! 

As members of SigmaStaff, JCs take on an active role in making SigmaCamp the incredible place that it is, and better. JCs participate in pre-camp preparations, assist at semilabs, take care of their team, organize and run events, and prepare a workshop. This makes the JC experience as rewarding as it is exhausting (and you can bet it is not an easy job). As is with all staff, the JC position is unpaid, but all expenses are covered.

We cannot stress enough that if you are invited to be a JC in 2017, this does not imply a position at SigmaCamp in following years -- older counselors, with much counseling and academic experience, are also integral to camp, so we have to balance.

The Application

The application consists of two parts:
  1. Contact Information Form. 

  2. Written Application.

Your application is incomplete until you have submitted both forms. 

The application deadline is November 1st, 2016



  1. Your application is due Novemver 1st, 2015.

  2. In November, we gather faculty and counselor feedback and recommendations.

  3. We will offer interviews to all applicants who did not attend Sigma 2016. The interview period will be between the 2nd week of December and 1st week of January. Interviews will be conducted via Skype.

  4. Invitations for the JC position are sent out in mid-January.

  5. JC's are welcomed to the "behind the scenes" of Sigma, and begin to participate in preparations.

 If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Contact info: Daniil Lukin, danyalukin@caltech.edu