Q&A with Sigma Lecturers

This Spring, Sigma Camp is starting a new feature: Q&A with Sigma Lecturers.

We have made recordings of some of the lectures given at SigmaCamp 2019. Now, for the first time, we are making these recordings available for those who missed it in August 2019~ Moreover, the lecturers have agreed to hold a Questions and Answers session (over Zoom), so you can ask any questions or just talk to the lecturer!

List of Q&A sessions

The dates and times are subject to change.

  • Tuesday, April 28: Nadine Strossen Freedom of Speech: Basic Principles and Current Controversies. Q&A session starts at 4pm. Info and link to lecture
  • Friday, May 8: Roman Bezrukavnikov From Inscribed Worlds to Non-Euclidean Geometry: History and Geometry of Kepler’s Laws. Q&A session starts at 4pm. Info and link to lecture
  • Thursday, May 14: Sergei Razamat Duality in Physics Q&A session starts at 4pm. Info and link to lecture
  • Tuesday, May 19: Steven Skiena Data Science, Computer Science, and Real Science

How it works

  • Each lecture recording will be posted in advance on SigmaCamp website; you can view it at any time before the Q&A session. Or, if you prefer, join us for the group viewing of the lecture (streamed over zoom) immediately before the Q&A session.
  • If you have viewed the lecture in advance, think of the questions you would like to ask the lecturer. It would be easier if you submit the questions in advance using a google form; this will allow us to select the most interesting questions.
  • At scheduled time, everyone joins the zoom session and has a chance to ask questions or just chat with the lecturer. One of Sigma Camp faculty will act as the moderator.

Please note that some lecturers asked that their lecture be only accessible to members of Sigma community: campers, staff, alumni. For this reason, some of the pages of individual lectures below are only accessible to people who have accounts on SigmaCamp website.