Chamber Music Concert Program Details

Since we officially only have 1.5 hours for this event, we ask that you try to limit your piece to 4.5 minutes in length. If you only have one piece prepared and it’s longer, thats OK, but if you can choose something shorter that would help us a lot! Unfortunately, it’s proving a bit difficult to coordinate ensembles/duets with people in different locations, but if you have somebody nearby who you can play with on Zoom, they’re welcome to join!

The concert itself will take place on Zoom, where you will perform live! For this reason, please make sure you have a functioning microphone (and ideally webcam as well!) If you’re more comfortable sending in a recording that’s fine too, but I think it will be much more enjoyable if everyone plays live! Lets try to pretend for a bit that we’re at Silver Lake, enjoying each other’s company and music, just as in years past.

Looking forward to hearing you all!
Jacob Kudria