Evening Club: "Tabletop" RPG

by Ivanka Tkachenko and Alex Suponya

Greetings adventurer! This evening club is going to be a very simple table top role playing game (like dungeons and dragons). This means its played with dice and paper, however for our purposes we will be using a site called roll20. In this activity you embark on an adventure, you could play yourself, or maybe you're a merchant who's paying off their dept? In this mystical world your imagination becomes reality. The two campaigns we are running are a science fiction and fantasy.

If you're interested, come back again to read more info below:


General Rules

This is a tabletop role playing game. This means its played with dice and maps. For these purposes we will be using roll 20. The d in front of numbers represents how many sides the die has, for example, a 20 sided die is called a d20.

Each time a player wants their character to attempt a somewhat challenging action, or the Game Master (GM) asks them to, they roll a die. Then they add their ability modifier to it.


Science Fiction Campaign (Wednesday)

2020 was a disaster. But the world did not know where it was going in just a couple years technology progressed rapidly, due to the help of a rising Drater Organization. But they did not do this for the world. Soon enough all weapons were banned, aside from the hands of the organization. Curfews were instated, and soon enough total surveillance. However, a rebellion was rising. 

Fantasy (Friday)

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They say that in the golden days of Ingelri, holy feasts festooned the villages of the Amra River valley, and jolly folks lived merrily in consonance with the invisible, but palpable presence of Lord Smihti and his animal spirit underlings. Ingelri, now a touristy shantytown,is but a shadow of its poetic past. Only the Soothsayer of Ingelri, elusively protected by the mysterious walls of the village, knows the truth to what came of Lord Smihti, whose reign flew away in an unknown fog. Come, relish in the history of the old village of Ingelri. See it for yourself - and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even find the soothsayer.