SigmaCamp 2020: Virtual camp

COVID-19 pandemic makes it impossible for us to hold Sigma in Silver Lakes as we had done in the past. But it doesn't mean that there will be no Sigma in 2020! Instead, SigmaCamp 2020 will go online; it will be a a virtual camp. Below are the details.


We plan on holding Virtual Sigma for 6 days, from Sunday, August 16 to Friday, August 21.


The program will be modified compared to our usual program and we will add something new and unique to it. However, we will still have lectures, semilabs, Sigma Tournament, and evening clubs. We are working on finalizing the list of semilabs and day schedule; once it is complete, it will be posted on this page.


For Virtual Sigma 2020, tuition will be $350 per student, with sibling discounts (20% for second child and 35% for the third child). We will also be offering need based financial aid.

Admission process

Our application deadline remains May 15. For more details about applying, please visit SigmaCamp 2020 application page.
Your application will count both for Virtual Sigma 2020 and Sigma 2021.

Contact us: