Day One

All campers arrived, grabbed themselves comfortable bunks, and were happy to see their parents off to start enjoying a newfound freedom out of school and out of parental control.

Team Building exercises were structured as a treasure hunt for clues to code lock combination. All teams managed to visit all 12 stations in under the allotted time of 3 hours without any losses of life or happiness and even with noticeable signs of amusement.

Ceremony opened by deep enlightening fables by Sasha Abanov with three morals: All sciences are one, To do science to have fun must be above all other goals, and Never be afraid to do something stupid, it could very well turn out to be genius. During honoring of winner of Problem Of the Month contest three top winners shared their thoughts of why one should or should not bother to do these next year. Most spirited welcome was had by chess and ping-pong clubs. Order of team competition was figured out by self-selection from by a puzzle involving members of every team. All teams successful in finding their codes and opening the locks to the chest with Vial of Last Year’s Sigma Sprit, which was happily let out at the large camp fire and the Sigma Camp 2013 was open.