Day Two

All camp activities are in full swing.

In the morning the campers woke up, met for morning exercises, and after breakfast attended their choice out of three lectures: Psychology of Mood, Color of the Sun, Pharmacy Chemistry.

First day of semi-labs followed.  Everyone met their instructor and jumped head first into theory and experiments.

Campers went through swimming test and now are ready to attend the beach any hot day they choose.  For those, who decide not to swim, land-based sports are available and are quite popular.

After lunch campers participated in the second session of semi-labs followed by Sigma Tournament.

Sigma Tournament has six teams competing for the prize by solving challenging problems. Today it was all about Physics and Mathematics. Chemistry and Biology will follow in the coming days.   Teams were excited and competitive.  Some of the winning answers came not from the knowledge and wisdom but aided by boldness and being not shy to attempt the unusual solutions.

The day was concluded by a free choice of workshops and evening clubs, followed by campfire and free game time. Everyone was in bed by 10:30.