Day Six



The final day of semi-labs.

This was the last day of semi-labs.  All experiments that were ran for the whole week came to their ultimate conclusions.’

At robotics semi-lab participants held a sumo-bot competition and the second robot competition included robots playing out the Capture the Flag.

Chemistry lab was able to confirm that decaffeinated coffee is almost completely free of caffeine, while Coca-Cola has massive amounts of this substance.

In biology the students were able to isolate and separate a single gene from all kinds of plants and algae in our wonderful labs set up.

Sigma Tournament held its Grand Unification.  It was amazing to see six teams on the stage striving to be first to solve the problems with the six groups of “free-lancers” trying to do the same in the audience.  This was an amazing, all-involving academic experience.

Evening clubs occupied the end of everyone’s last structured day by variety of board games and a trivia tournament.  A lot of people did not take part in these activities scrambling to finish the final scores in their chess and ping-pong competitions to improve their chances for ultimate championships in these sports.