SC2015 - Lectures

Below is the list of all lectures given in SC 2015 by our faculty and visiting lecturers:



Nikita Nekrasov – From Pine cones to PIN codes



Mark Lukin – From the Philosopher's stone to modern Chemistry
Yuri Salkinder – Global Economic Trends: Past, Present and Future
Olga Kravchenko – What do mathematicians really like to count?
Helmut Strey – Single molecule physics



Maxim Kontsevich – Order or Chaos?
Oleg Gang – Self-assembly at nanoscale
Kostya Khrapko – Why do we age? Part 2
Luda Diatchenko – Genetic background of human pain perception



Alexandre Kirillov, Sr – Invitation to Geometry
Mujica-Parodi Lilianne, The Neurobiology of Maximizing Intelligence
Mark Lukin – On scientific curiosity, meticulousness, and serendipitous discovery of new drugs
Alexei Tkachenko – Playing Billiard with a Butterfly: Chaotic Introduction to Chaos Theory
Slava Gerovitch - Non-Euclidean Geometry and Modern Art



Pavel Etingof – How many ways are there to paint a dodecahedron?
Igor Zaliznyak – Who really invented calculus? Archimedes!
Lawrence Hobbie – GMOs: Should we fear them or embrace them?
Vicka Bershadsky – Power of Illusion



Alexander Abanov – The Physics and Math of Soap Bubbles
Tanya Portnaya – Sometimes you don't need magic, you just need topology
Dima Kozakov – Introduction to protein structure and function
Marina Polonskaia – The History of Mankind as a Told through Epidemics



Moira Chas – The woman who can see the forth dimension
Dennis Sullivan – From Continuumland to Discreteland and Back
Boris Podobedov – How to Make the Brightest Beam of Light on Earth (and Pick the Color You Like)?
Sergey Butkevich – Beyond Color: Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography
Natasha Markuzon – Opinion Spread in Social Networks: Panic, Behavior Changes, Happiness, and Disease Containment