1st Question of the Week 2016

Question of the Week 1

SigmaCamp is a 7 day program, and the last day is always something special. We see the last day as the chance to colorfully conclude the busy week: With awards, some silly performances (the Movie Festival), some athletic games, and, of course, the late night dance party and games.

As Counselors and Faculty, we were thinking... are there too little science-related activities on the last day, for a science camp? And the non academic activities, are they the best they could be?

A few ideas have been put on the table: 1) Saving time by shortening awards and the movie festival 2) Introduce a camp-wide game (of some atheltic nature) between staff and campers. 3) Do a short "science fair" where campers can share with peers and staff the exciting things they've done in their semilabs. What do you think?