6th Question of the Week

In the past, workshop sign ups have been pretty hectic: The sign up flyers are posted on the information board in the morning or the night before, and campers sign up for workshops first-come-first-serve in the morning. Those who arrive at the sign-up area late may find that all the spots are taken. For that reason, some campers structure their mornings around signing up for workshops as early as possible.

We are considering moving to digital workshops signups: Campers have all day to pick which workshops they want to attend that day in order of preference (1st, 2st, 3rd, 4th), and then an algorithm decides who attends which workshop, trying to make everyone as happy with their workshop as possible. With digital sign-ups, it does not matter when during the day you sign up for workshops - the last person to sign up have the same likelyhood of getting their favorite workshop as the first person.