Printable list of semilab choices, 2017

James Belov , 14
prob_programming; sequences; archimedes; cosmology;
I am on Bergen Academy Competition Math Team finishing my third year there. My favorite area of math is Probability. I am now actively working through high school Art of Problem Solving Counting and Probability book and taught myself Bayesian Statistics. Me and my brother Nick are now doing numerical programming projects in Python (similar to Probabilistic Programming) together, currently mostly geometry but with eklements of random numbers. Nick is doing coding part and I do the math part. Me and Nick (who is very advanced in coding on several languages) want to do Probabilistic Programming as a team and both placed there
Nick Belov , 14
prob_programming; adv_arduino; archimedes; sequences;
I have 4 years of programming experience -- Intermediate Java class at Bergen Academy, Intermediate C++ Class at IDTech, Java Coding and MineCraft Modding at IDTech, Unity Game programming in C#, taught Python. Me and my brother James are now doing numerical programming projects in Python (similar to Probabilistic Programming) together with James being doing math part and me doing coding part. Me and James (who knows Bayesian Statistics and other high school probability) want to do Probabilistic Programming as a team and both placed there
Alex Belov , 14
dna; sound; smell_color; cosmology;

David Bershadsky , 15
cyborg; particles; biosensors; dyes;

Karina Brockway , 13
fire; biosensors; viruses; cosmology;

Iris Brook , 16
cyborg; dyes; archimedes; comp_biology;
Advanced Math: Geometry and Algebra 2 Honors Physics and Honors Chemistry
Joel Brook , 12
robotics; cooking; codes; viruses;
I would like to be placed with Benny Vyshedsky
Elijah Busch , 14
particles; combinatorics; biosensors; codes;

Thomas Carey , 15
robotics; em; smell_color; sound;

Alexandra Cartwright , 16
cyborg; adv_arduino; robotics; cosmology;
-I have taken already the first semilab of Microcontrollers (Microcontroller Programming for Young Inventors), hence I would be ready to move on to the next level (advanced). -I have experience (from school and at home) with Robotics and programming Arduino and Java Languages, which would help me in the Creation of Cyborg, Advanced Microcontrollers, and Robotics semilabs (as past experience).
Alexandra Chibisov , 15
cyborg; biosensors; comp_biology; codes;
Experiences in dissection, and advanced biology (AP Biology at high school) for the cyborg lab. Knowledge in evolutionary biology from AP biology class taken for Computational Biology.
Lukas Chin , 14
archimedes; smell_color; sequences; codes;
Nicholas Zayfman
Nicholas Devoe , 13
dyes; smell_color; gene; sound;

Katya Donetski , 13
archimedes; sound; sequences; dna;

Peter Dorovitsine , 14
cooking; biosensors; sound; robotics;

Andre Dubovskiy , 16
cyborg; prob_programming; knots; particles;
I can program pretty well, I made an iPhone app ( and I took AP Computer Science in school this year. I also took Bio last year so I can do dissections and stuff and I do robotics so like I can build stuff and everything. And math I know some math.
Konstantin Dubovskiy , 11
microcontrollers; combinatorics; biosensors; cooking;

Nicholas Eastwood , 12
robotics; microcontrollers; biosensors; sound;
I would like to be in the team with Ashot Ter-Saakov, he is my good friend. Thank you, Nicholas.
Tim Evdokimov , 14
sequences; em; cosmology; robotics;

Sofiya Filippova , 14
cosmology; smell_color; dyes; gene;
I took a biology class and loved the class. We did a simplified version of the Gene to Protein lab and I found it very interesting. I am taking AP Chemistry next year, but I have always loved the subject and enjoyed doing similar labs in various science classes.
Daniel Friedmann , 15
cyborg; em; gene; codes;
My friends that also will join Sigma are: Dmitry Panov and George Morgulis. I would like to be on the same team with them.
Elizabeth Furman , 13
blue; gene; cyborg; smell_color;
I think I'm ready for the "From Gene to Protein in 5 Days" semilab because we covered the foundations for this topic in my biology class. We talked about how DNA is transferred through RNA into proteins. We learned about mRNA, tRNA, codons, and protein synthesis.
Natan Furman , 13
sequences; archimedes; combinatorics; smell_color;
I would like to be placed with Eva Gelman. She's my neighbor and a good friend, even though she is a year older than me and skipped a grade. Thanks
Ksenia Galkina , 15
biosensors; cosmology; viruses; particles;
My step sister Alexander Chibisov.
Ben Ganelin , 15
cyborg; adv_robotics; biosensors; particles;
Science fair project involved Arduino Have done FTC and robotics last year at sigma
Eva Gelman , 14
dna; viruses; combinatorics; sequences;

Daniella Glezer , 12
blue; robotics; fire; cooking;
My sister: Abigail Glezer and Rachel Ustoyev
Abigail Glezer , 14
dna; fire; smell_color; cooking;

Sam Glosser , 16
entropy; knots; cyborg; sound;
Relevant Semilab Experience: - Gravitational Waves (forgot which one) - Lie Detector - Radioactivity
Arnav Goel , 14
adv_robotics; cyborg; microcontrollers; dna;
Previous experience for Advanced Robotics 1. Participated in Vex EDR as the coder for 2616J, a team that was 10th at states. 2. Have experience with the Arduino system Previous Experience for Creation of a Cyborg 1. I am a humane person 2. I can follow the directions for the neurosurgery Team Placement- I would like to be in the same team as Dimitri Ter Saakov
Roberto Groza , 14
adv_robotics; particles; cyborg; dyes;
I was in Advanced Robotics and Advanced Microcontrollers last year, and am a member of the Islandbots 4137 FTC team with Mr. Kirillov. I also attended Mrs. Mujica-Parodi's Data Analysis class in Schoolnova.
Samuel Gutin , 14
gene; microcontrollers; biosensors; smell_color;

Phoebe Hartch , 15
dna; cyborg; dyes; blue;
I have been to SigmaCamp three times. This summer before SigmaCamp, I will take a physics class. This year, I took the Chemistry Olympiad, got a 50/60, and advanced to the national level (one of 10 from western Connecticut). I also have taken the National Biology Olympiad and the Toronto Biology Olympiad. I have also taken the AMC 10.
Sue Hemingway , 15
smell_color; viruses; sequences; dna;
I took Honors Biology this freshman year at Sacred Heart Academy so I have experience with transcription and translation of DNA, and also with the topic of evolution and viruses.
Ronia Hinich , 16
prob_programming; knots; sound; em;
I took university courses in Set Theory and Linear Algebra, and I also learned combinatorics. I have been learning Python for almost two years; I recently began to study classes in Python.
Matthew Kadaev , 12
dna; particles; archimedes; sound;

Sophie Kamenetsky , 14
dna; smell_color; fire; cyborg;

David Kaplan , 13
cyborg; particles; prob_programming; entropy;
Hello, It will be nice if David can share the house with David Bershadsky and / or Leon Polyakov and / or Ben Yorish. Thank you
Cordelia Keberle , 14
smell_color; viruses; codes; cooking;
Susan Hemingway
Nikita Khesin , 14
dyes; sound; cyborg; particles;
If possible, please do not put me in my 4th choice semilab IF I am put in my 2nd choice semilab.
Alexey Khotimsky , 15
dyes; sound; particles; cooking;
I would like to be placed with Anthony Wilkinson, a fellow camper.
Elizaveta Kolesnik , 13
cooking; codes; dna; sequences;
I don't really have a preference. But I am more of an introvert and a geek. If that helps?
Matthias Kontsevich , 16
dyes; cyborg; gene; sequences;

Katia Kovrizhkin , 15
cyborg; gene; dyes; comp_biology;
Creation of Cyborg: Courses in neuroscience, I completed a workshop at the Columbia University Splash where I attached electrodes to a roaches antennae and was able to control which way it turned using a phone app. Then the roach was able to suppress the counteracting stimuli from the electrodes after identifying it was an artificial impulse. Gene to protein: Courses in biology, experience with GFP, experience with DNA, gel electrophoresis, and PCR.
Nastassja Kuznetsova , 16
cyborg; prob_programming; adv_arduino; adv_robotics;
I have experience in computer programming, mainly with Java as I took AP Computer Science in school this year, but I am also proficient in Python, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. I also have experience with the Arduino and its various sensors from previous Semilabs as well as from my own explorations.
Benjamin Levine , 13
fire; codes; sound; particles;
I would like to be on a team with Viren Maira and Stephen Liaskos.
Stephen Liaskos , 13
archimedes; em; fire; combinatorics;
I am a new camper, joining two friends this year who attended last year: Viren Maira and Ben Levine. I would like to be on a team with (or one of them) if possible.
Michelle Lisak , 14
biosensors; smell_color; fire; codes;

Yavor Litchev , 13
adv_robotics; archimedes; adv_arduino; sequences;
Advanced Robotics and Advanced Microcontroller Projects-Related Experience: I have lots of experience in coding in Java - I know how to make functions, classes, etc. I also programmed a Raspberry Pi (in Java) to control the sources of heat that our house uses (we have geothermal and gas heating). I participated in the USACO competition, and currently I am in the Silver Division. For the 4th grade science fair, I created my own personal barcode scanner using an Arduino microcontroller. Also, for the 3rd grade science fair, I built a dual-capacitor electric oscillator, and it was a lot of fun to understand and explain how the system works. A couple of years ago, I participated in the LEGO robotics competition, utilizing LEGO Mindstorms sensors and programming.
Daniil Lukin , 17
; ; ; ;

Hannah Lyubich , 13
fire; viruses; codes; biosensors;

Liam Mackey , 15
adv_cosmology; particles; robotics; biosensors;
I do not have any team placement preferences this year. Previous Experience (for Advanced Gravitational Waves): Stony Brook Science Night, Gravitational Waves MIT Splash 2016, LIGO and Gravitational Waves
Viren Maira , 13
combinatorics; archimedes; sequences; fire;

Tarika Mane , 16
adv_robotics; adv_cosmology; knots; prob_programming;
Completed math 10 at schoolnova (now a TA for math 6 and 7), on Islandbots (an FTC robotics team), completed Calculus BC, very familiar with C/arduino programming, semi-familiar with Java, Javascript, and python, also I would like to be with Sophia or Rita or Anzhelina or Shurik or Lev or Nikita or anyone I know
Leo Maslov , 15
cyborg; adv_arduino; adv_robotics; particles;
I have taken science of Cooking, Robotics, Programming and a few other semi labs the previous few years. I am very interested in the Cyborg semi lab as its a new semilab that falls under my interest of neurology and technology and I would be very hopeful that I get this semilab.
Sofia Medina , 13
microcontrollers; sound; biosensors; em;

Alexander Meylikhov , 12
smell_color; fire; blue; robotics;

Vikas Miller , 14
cooking; smell_color; robotics; fire;

George Morgulis , 13
dna; microcontrollers; viruses; fire;
I am not a new camper, but I would like to be on the same team as my cousin Mitya Panov, if it is possible. And if I have a choice, I would prefer not to live neither in Glenn, nor in Pines buildings. Thank you!
Samuel Myakishev-Rempel , 14
adv_robotics; entropy; adv_arduino; archimedes;
I want EITHER Advanced Robotics OR Advanced Microcontroller Projects, NOT both. For Advanced Robotics, I have experience with LEGO's NXT robots and have basic programming skills with JavaScript, C++, and Python. If I get Advanced Microcontroller Projects, I don't want Advanced Robotics. For Entropy, I understand why you can't convert ambient heat energy (e.g. from warm air) into electricity, but can convert concentrated heat energy (e.g. from hot coal) into electricity. For Advanced Microcontroller Projects, I know how to solder wires, have experience with LEGO's NXT robots, and have basic programming skills with JavaScript, C++, and Python. If I get Advanced Robotics, I don't want Advanced Microcontroller Projects. For Math and Discoveries of Archemedies, I have gotten an academic score of 97% in math class in school (the class included but was not limited to geometric constructions and vectors) My friend Nikhil Seshadri is a new camper in 2017, and I want to be in the same team as him.
Boris Nekrasov , 16
adv_arduino; comp_biology; prob_programming; adv_robotics;

Katya Nekrassova , 16
cyborg; comp_biology; em; particles;
I have taken advanced courses of Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry and Biology, as well as outside classes and semilabs in previous years (DNA Barcoding, Gene to Protein, Intro to Microorganisms, etc.) which would help as a foundation that can be expanded on with these semilabs. Furthermore, I am attending a Summer At Brown Program, which focuses on Neuropsychology. This would be an interesting topic to explore in the semilab 'Building a Cyborg.' I know that I'm definitely not a new camper, but I do not get to see Nastassja Kuznetsova or Arina Khotimsky aside from Sigma. Therefore, I would appreciate if I was placed in a cabin with either or both of them. Thank you!!
Ryuichi Nitta , 14
robotics; fire; sound; blue;

Dmitry Panov , 13
dna; em; viruses; fire;

Emmanuel Panov , 16
adv_robotics; cyborg; knots; cooking;
I have competed as a member of a robotics team in the FTC league. This team reached Super Regionals once, we were also invited to worlds because of our ranking and need of more teams. I also have done your intermediate robotics semilab.
Jacob Panov , 14
cooking; fire; viruses; microcontrollers;

Kassandra Perez-Rivera , 13
fire; combinatorics; smell_color; particles;

Matthew Pierre-Louis , 12
cyborg; dna; em; particles;
I have experience with electrical shocks from my experiments and am able to easily handle a living insect as well as taking a basic neurology course at Hofstra university.
Micah Pietraho , 14
archimedes; particles; knots; sound;
If possible, I would like to be placed in one math semilab (Archimedes or Knot Theory) and one science (Particles and Fields or Sound and Electricity). Regarding the advanced Knot Theory semilab, I have much experience in extracurricular math. I have seen a couple talks at Bowdoin College about knot theory and would love to learn more about it.
Timothy Pinkhassik , 14
microcontrollers; dyes; robotics; adv_arduino;

Iana Podobedov , 13
cooking; robotics; archimedes; sequences;

Julian Pojano , 13
fire; cooking; robotics; biosensors;
I am pretty flexible. I really enjoy being social, but not after official lights out. I like to sleep at night, so I can be my best during the day. I wouldn't do well on a night owl team.
Lennard Poliakov , 14
sound; adv_arduino; robotics; adv_robotics;
I only know python at a basic level. I've been learning it for two years.
Nastia Polina , 14
dyes; knots; cooking; entropy;
a) Preparative Chemistry: Chemistry set, made at least 50 experiments, Entropy (some Physics at home and school), Quantum Dots (scratched the surface of this topic before) b) N/A
David Pustylnik , 13
cyborg; particles; gene; cooking;
I did biology in my technical magnet school. Last year I did the electricity and sound semi-lab, and Micro-controller Programming for Young Inventors. In biology I studied genetics and how to dissect animals and insects.
Daniel Quinn , 14
particles; microcontrollers; archimedes; sound;

Arsenii Ratnikov , 13
microcontrollers; fire; robotics; blue;

Mateo Rivera , 14
dna; archimedes; sequences; combinatorics;

Rachel Rosenzweig , 14
fire; em; cyborg; gene;
If possible, I would really like to be in the same team as my friend Valentina Simon. She was the one who first introduced me to SigmaCamp. Thank you for your consideration.
Samuel Rosner , 13
cyborg; knots; prob_programming; adv_cosmology;
I believe that I have the qualifications to be in The Creation of a Cyborg because I am familiar with electronics and computers which I believe are skills that would go with this semilab (I also believe that I am mature enough to fulfill the prerequisite of maturity). This semilab would give me new ways for my electronics/programming projects to interact with humans. I believe that I have the qualifications to take the semilab Braids, Knots, and Quantum Dots because I am currently taking algebra 2 (online) and should be complete (or near complete) by the time I go to SigmaCamp, giving me the mathematical knowledge to take this semilab. I have also taken geometry. I believe that I have the qualifications to take the semilab Probabilistic programming because I have programming experience in Python, the language I would be using in the course, and the mathematical knowledge stated above. I believe that I am qualified to take the semilab Gravitational Waves and Cosmology(Advanced) because I am very interested in math and physics and have knowledge of Newtonian mechanics and qualitative knowledge of electromagnetism. I do not have any preferences for team placement.
Gavin Ross , 13
cyborg; dna; combinatorics; sequences;

Daniel Salkinder , 13
sequences; knots; cyborg; entropy;
For Junior Instructor Challenge _ i would like to repeat the workshop on Rubik's Cubes that I did at last Sigma.
Mark Shapiro , 12
prob_programming; particles; robotics; combinatorics;
Regarding the Probabilstic Programming semilab, I would like to share with you why I am fairly sure I am qualified to participate in it. I know how to utilize the class system in Python 2.7, as required. I also know the basic mathematics skills required for the course. I do not have a preference for a team and look forward to meeting to new people at SigmaCamp 2017!
Michael Shinkar , 14
particles; em; cosmology; sequences;
-Last year, I was in the "Sets, Graphs, Walks, and Games" semilab as well as the "Number Theory through Fun Facts and Problems" semilab.
Samuel Shvets , 15
codes; cyborg; dna; entropy;
I have taken Chemistry, and am currently training for the F=ma exam, so I am reasonably well grounded in physics and chemistry. I am also experienced in math, and have regularly taken and am training for the AMC10 and AMC12.
Valentina Simon , 14
dyes; em; prob_programming; viruses;
Experience For Semilabs Preparative Chemistry: Sigma Camp semilabs "Chemistry, Color, and Fire" and "Perception of Smell and Color" Studying AP Chemistry textbook over summer in preparation for taking the class in one semester (going to magnet high school where material will be taught at a fast pace) Probabilistic Programming: Have programmed a bioinformatics tool that won 2nd place at local science fair in Python Programmed a measles model where we used data to find correlation between vaccination rate and probability of transmission
Timothy So , 15
adv_robotics; dyes; robotics; biosensors;
advanced robotics: currently involved in FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition), experience in Java and Python *note: please ignore any previously submitted forms, the decisions made on this form are my final decisions i'd also like to apologize for any inconveniences brought about by this sudden notice
Lina Sriji , 12
robotics; fire; cooking; viruses;

Maximilian Strey , 14
dyes; gene; codes; viruses;

Timo Stroschein , 16
knots; comp_biology; dyes; entropy;
Timos Stroschein native language is german. Timo does a lot of sport.
Nikolai Styrkas , 16
cyborg; entropy; cooking; archimedes;

Alexander Suponya , 15
cyborg; dyes; particles; em;
I will be okay with any placement, since I am not aware of any of my friends attending the camp. I have experience with working in a chemistry lab and performing experiments on live animals, so I will not be intimidated by the advanced level of the first two semilabs that I have selected because I would like to challenge myself in these interesting activities.
Dimitri Ter-Saakov , 14
cyborg; prob_programming; sound; adv_arduino;
Previous experience with Python and Microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Ashot Ter-Saakov , 12
codes; microcontrollers; archimedes; cooking;
I would enjoy if I could be in a cabin with my friend, Nicholas Eastwood.
Giuseppina Than , 15
cyborg; smell_color; comp_biology; microcontrollers;
For my two advanced semilab choices ("Creation of a Cyborg" and "Computational and Evolutionary Biology"), I have taken AP Biology, Regents Chemistry, and Pre-Calculus.
Ivanka Tkachenko , 14
cyborg; dyes; sound; smell_color;
1. I am considered very mature and can handle gore very well. I also received a dissection kit this Christmas that I activity use. And finally my future career aspiration is to be a neurosurgeon and I feel this is a very good experience to help me achieve my goal. 2. I mean I took chemistry of fire and stuff also o took marks class in Nova
Maria Tollock , 16
cyborg; gene; dyes; blue;
Creation of a Cyborg → I am really interested in the creation of a cyborg semi-lab because I would really like to experiment with robotics and participate in a hands-on semi-lab. I’ve built small robotic things with my grandfather last summer, but I would want to conduct slightly harder experiments. I am familiar with using technology for scientific purposes, but I am hoping that this semi-lab would foster those skills. Additionally, I am perfectly fine with working with insects, and I even enjoy it. I have been doing science projects since 1st grade and I try to incorporate insects whenever I can, in a way that does not hurt them but only helps to learn more about them. This semi-lab deals with paralysis, and I did some research about this earlier in the year and would love to learn more about it. I know how to safely work in a laboratory, as I was part of a science research seminar at my school last year, where we conducted various types of science experiments. The semi-lab would be both engaging and informing, and I am sure I will really enjoy and benefit from it. Gene to Protein → I find biology to be extremely engaging and from conducting biological science research about various things since elementary school, I realized that it is something I am very interested in. I was part of a science research seminar at my school last year, and this year, my mother took me to a laboratory and I learned more about these types of techniques. The research seminar taught me how to safely work in a lab, and it introduced me to working with DNA and bacteria at a higher level. This semi-lab would be amazing because I am very interested in proteins and bacteria in general, and last year I learned techniques including those using recombinant DNA technology and PCR and I would love to learn more. My mother has a Masters degree in biology and I have been exposed to science from a young age, so this semi-lab would introduce me to more cool things about biology that I have not been exposed to so far. Advanced Chem → This year, I took chemistry and instantly became interested in it. We conducted many labs similar to these, and I took this semi-lab last year, but I was slightly confused because I did not learn about a lot of the compounds and techniques previously. Now that I have been exposed to them at school and know a lot more about chemistry, I would get to experience the semi-lab in a whole new way and would obtain more knowledge and satisfaction from completing these experiments. I know how to work in a lab from being part of a science research program at my school last year, so I know how to carefully handle chemicals.
Victor Turbiner , 14
archimedes; dyes; smell_color; viruses;
I have had experience doing basic chemical handling and manipulation during Tatiana Pyatina's History of Cement and Quest for Blue semilabs.
Rachel Ustoyev , 13
dna; smell_color; fire; cooking;
I would greatly appreciate it if I could be placed with Abigail Glezer.
David Vaykhanskiy , 14
cooking; microcontrollers; cyborg; biosensors;

Kaitlyn Vitkin , 13
smell_color; codes; particles; robotics;

Timothy Vitkin , 15
em; robotics; cyborg; particles;
I have had some experience in dissections.
Benjamin Vyshedskiy , 12
dna; cosmology; particles; viruses;
Joel Brook, Paul Braverman
Alexander Walker , 14
prob_programming; dyes; sequences; sound;
Anya Zorin
Anthony Wilkinson , 15
dyes; sound; particles; cooking;
I would like to request being in the same cabin as Alexey Khotimsky
Daniel Wolf , 15
dyes; adv_cosmology; cyborg; prob_programming;
I've taken Advanced Microcontroller Projects, Advanced Robotics, and most of the intermediate courses. I am entering 10th grade but I've taken science courses through college curricula. 6th year camper.
Jansen Wong , 13
adv_robotics; cyborg; em; particles;
For Advanced Robotics and Creation of a Cyborg, I've had experience with computers, computer programming, and robots. I've taken the CTY Physics of Engineering camp, the BNL Introduction to Scientific Computing summer camp, and in my free time, I self-learn C++ and Java and solve programming problems. I also like playing around with my LEGO Mindstorms EV3.
Daniel Yentin , 12
biosensors; fire; codes; combinatorics;
Lenya Lennard (Лёня Поляков)
Daniel Yurchenko , 13
viruses; cooking; dna; codes;

Rochelle Zaks , 15
comp_biology; dyes; gene; smell_color;

Nicholas Zayfman , 14
fire; dna; smell_color; em;
I would like to be in the same team with my brother Andrew Zayfman. I also would like to be in the same house as my sisters Abigail and Daniela Glezer.
Andrew Zayfman , 11
fire; blue; biosensors; smell_color;
I would like to be in the same house as Abigail Glezer and Daniela Glezer.
Margarita Zeleniy , 13
dna; smell_color; em; particles;

Kevin Zhang , 12
cosmology; archimedes; robotics; fire;
I don't really know anyone going. I'm a sixth grader and I'm fine with whoever you put me with.
Anna Zorin , 14
gene; sequences; cyborg; smell_color;