Sigma Camp Day 2

Our first full day of Sigma Camp is almost over. We started the day with a catchy morning exercise of “Hey Burrito”. After a fulfilling breakfast, everyone listened to some mind-blowing lectures. We learned about DNA synthesis, interpreted quantum mechanics, discussed how to control chaos, discovered that choreography is important part of physics, and acquired a new insight into codes and cyphers. Today was also the first day of our fascinating semilabs. We began to delve into how to write computer code, make a science documentary, and uncovered various exciting and novel aspects of chemistry. We started to discover what light is, cooked food by using the power of physics in the kitchen, and even programmed a robot! After the semilabs some of us created amazing art in the art studio, and others played soccer or basketball, despite the rain! After dinner we participated in the most incredible workshops. We constructed unshakable bottles, recreated some ancient art pieces with cobalt oxide, and tuned some pianos in order to listen to Bach. We were excited to learn about transformations matrices or how to read Korean in one hour. Only the bravest of us met some pink elephants, created GIFs with animation software, participated in inkblot experiments, and took apart a turbomolecular vacuum pump. We drew some mandalas, exited Vim safely, tied some useful knots, created glass flowers and other figures, played Spot It!, connected art and math, and baked some pancakes. We remained energetic, despite the tiring day, and this is why we joined Mafia, played Trivia, kept talking so that no one would explode, danced some more and played Avalon. Finally, we completed our day with milk and cookies and went to sleep to regain our energy for the next eventful day.Here are the albums.