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Winnie The Pooh Plays at Sigma

Here are probably the last photos for this year's blog.  They cover our great plays of imaginative adaptations of Winnie the Pooh.  Enjoy

Final Day, Closing and More Photos

Sigma Camp is over.  Some of us are already missing the Sigma Spirit, which is safely stored in the vial on the shelf until next year.  The labs have been taken apart.  Uhaul unloaded.  Silver Lake blankets all found.  Everyone is back to their everyday lives.

Day 8

More photos of everyone, including faculty, are coming in a few days.  We are editing them and will post as soon as we get a  good wi-fi connection.

Day 7, Updated (and Sigma Olympics photos)

Last full day of the camp started with 4 wonderful lectures that gathered roughly equal interest.  Vicka Bershadsky spoke about Renaissance art and compared the technology used by artists of that golden era to the one used by artists in antiquity.  Dr. Boris Podobedov from Brookhaven National Laboratory explained how to produce the brightest beam of light on Earth and discussed unique properties of synchrotron produced light.  Dr.

Sigma Day 6 - photos

Here are the photos from Day Six, Friday - sorry for the delay.

Sigma Day 6

The morning dawned chilly and cloudy but did not dampen the campers' high spirits!

Today campers chose from lectures on biology and physics. Dr. Slava Yurchenko discussed invisible organisms, while Dr. Mark Lukin led students in exploring how bacteria and viruses have informed the development of genetic engineering. Meanwhile, Dr. Igor Zaliznyak's shared with students in-depth insight into the Bernoulli principle. Last but not least, Dr. Alexei Tkachenko gave an entertaining lecture on random walks.

Pictures Day Five 4

Pictures Day Five 3