Problem of the month 2012-2013

Everybody is welcome to participate in the Problem of the Month contest!

On the fifth day of each month we will be posting one problem in each of the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

- You are free to choose any problem(s) you want and we encourage you to try and solve as many problems as you can.

- We expect your solutions by the last day of the same month (solutions sent to us after the deadline will not be accepted). You can send it using one of the methods below:

  • via e-mail to ( Subject : Problem of the Month ). This is the preferred way: you can e-mail it in any format you want as well as scan your handwriting!)
  • by mail to : SigmaCamp (Problem of the Month)
    2 Pak Ct, Setauket, NY 11733

- The correct solutions will be posted on the first day of the following month.

- The maximum possible score for each problem is 10pts. Your individual score will be updated each month, and you can see it on our web site. Your name does not need to appear on the website; you can participate under a nickname.

- Every participant will be given the priority in acceptance to SigmaCamp 2013. The winners of this competition will have an advantage of being admitted to advanced Semilabs and will also get some interesting prizes.  If you earn a total of 80 points by the end of February,  you will be accepted to SigmaCamp without having to complete the Qualification Quiz.

We believe that you are going to enjoy working on these problems!