POM 2012-2013 winners

 Congratulations to all winners of Problem of the Month contest!

The following students have reached the total of over 80 points in February:

Laura Braverman
Gregory Barboy
Andrew Gritsevskiy
Mark Khrapko
Ryan Krug
Andrey Lukin
Elizabeth Petrov
Gregory Petrov
Anthony Roitman
Daniel Wolf
Ilya Yurchenko
Masha Zorin
Michael Zorya

They join our previous winners, who have reached the 80 points mark in January and December:

Lev Bershadsky, Ivan Viro,

Rita Abanov, Sophia Abanov, David Bershadsky,

Andrey Khesin, Nikita Podobedov, Nestor Tkachenko.

All of them have been accepted to Sigma Camp 2013 and do not need to submit the Qualifying Quiz.


And  the grand  winners of PoM 2012/2013 are:

1st place: Sophia Abanov (184 points)

2nd place: Nikita Podobedov (182 points)

3rd place: Nestor Tkachenko (154 points)

Please join us on Sunday, March 3, at 12:00 pm in Rm. P126 of the Physics building at Stony Brook University for the awards ceremony!