SigmaCamp 2014: How To Apply

We are happy to announce that application to SigmaCamp2014 is now available!

To apply to Sigma 2014 you have to complete the 4 steps of the application process listed below. 


Step 1. Fill out the online registration form.

Either the applicant or a parent or guardian may fill out this form. Filling this form generates an ID number for you - you will need it to submit your solutions of the Qualification Quiz and other materials.

Important: Do this as soon as you know you are interested in attending SigmaCamp2014, not when you are about to submit your Qualification Quiz solutions. Registering puts you on an email list and allows us to communicate with you if there are important announcements concerning the application or logistics.

Registration form


Step 2. Tell us why you want to go to SigmaCamp.

Write a short (250 word max) essay about yourself: what do you like? what are your interests? why do you want to come to SigmaCamp and what are you hoping to find there?

Submit your essay here


Step 3. Obtain and submit recommendation letters.

If you are a returning student, you are not required to submit letters of recommendation – we already know who you are!

For new students: Obtain two letters of recommendation – one from a Mathematics or Science Teacher and one from an adult who knows you personally (not a family member). This may be a family friend, a music teacher, an athletics coach, a chess coach, etc.

Print out the recommender's instructions below, fill your name and ID number, and give (or email) them to the people you are asking for the recommendation. They can return the letters to you in a sealed envelope, send their recommendation by email to, or submit their recommendation online here

Instructions for recommenders: Teacher Recommendation/Personal Recommendation

Submit recommendation letters here

Getting recommendation letters can take a while, so ask about letters as soon as possible!


Step 4. Complete and submit the Qualification Quiz.

Sigma Qualification Quiz 2014 consists of problems in Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science - two problems in each discipline. All students applying to SC 2014 must solve it and submit their solutions (except for winners of the Problem of the Month contest, as described here.) Please click on the link below to read the detailed description and instructions and to download the Qualification Quiz.

Quailfication Quiz 2014

Submit your solution of QQ 2014


We wish you good luck on your application.


We will notify applicants regarding decisions no later than May 1.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at
or call 631-672-1592