SC 2014: Experiment of the day

If you are interested in science, or have read about some spectacular experiment (or you have seen it on Youtube, etc), and you've always wanted to try it for yourself, but don’t know how to, or you don't have the materials or equipment for it (or you can't do it for some other reason) ...

...then you have a chance to do perform your dream experiment in our SigmaCamp, and to show it to other campers.

 What is needed for it?

You should read as much as possible about this experiment, and, by June 15, 2014, send us the proposal with a description of the experiment you would like to do. Try to describe the experiment you propose in detail. The more details you provide, the better. However, if you do not fully understand the science behind the experiment - feel free to ask us. And, of course, list all materials and equipment needed for your experiment(s), because we need some time to find them.

  • We do not expect you to propose something that has already worked in your hands. In fact, we want to assist you to do something that you always wanted to try but were unsure about.
  • We do not expect you to provide the materials or equipment for the experiment(s). We, on the other hand, will try to provide you with the materials or equipment that for some reason were not available for you.
  • We do not expect you to be too focused on safety requirements: just try to avoid the projects that are obviously unsafe (for example, the experiments that may lead to big explosions, etc). Safety is our responsibility, and if we will see that some experiment is unsafe we will tell you about that (or we'll propose necessary modifications).

The deadline for submitting the proposal is June 15th. Send your submissions to Mark Lukin: . Decisions will be published on the SigmaCamp website by June 25th.

If you keep in mind an experiment that you want to do, but, for some reason, do not want to demonstrate to a broader audience, you can still propose it.

Please, do not restrain your fantasy. Focus on what you really want to do.
Good luck.

Mark Lukin