SigmaCamper 2014 Form

Dear SigmaCamper 2014,

Please fill the form below to let us know about your areas of interest for SigmaCamp2014. The deadline for submission of this form is May 15, 2014.

Personal Info
Fill in the form with your name, ID number (it is contained in the email you received after registration and in the acceptance letter; if you cannot find it, please contact, your e-mail address (you can provide your parent's email, but then be sure to be asking them regularly about any SigmaNews - we do not want you to miss any information). We also ask you to submit a recent photo of yourself for our annual FaceBoard - it will hung in the main lounge for everyone to see, so pick a nice one!
Please select your t-shirt size
Please upload a photo in jpg format. Maximal file size is 4Mb. Please make sure your photo is at least 640x480 pixels.
Please select the semilabs you want to attend. Each semilab is a course, running for the five “regular” days of camp. This year, you will be able to attend two semilabs. View descriptions here: and pick four you like the most. Please bear in mind that semilabs come in three levels of difficulty, and some have prerequisites. If you chose an advanced semilab, please list below any prior experience or knowledge you have related to the topic. We will inform you about which semilabs you were assigned to by May 31, 2014. Please select four different semilabs! If you select just two semilabs and they are not available, we will have to select a semilab for you at random.
In addition to many options to learn, discover, and discuss, this year SigmaCamp would like to present an opportunity for you share with others something you are passionate about by teaching a class on the topic, or by doing a demonstration for everyone to see! We are pleased to announce two new contests:
Experiment of the Day (view description here
Junior Instructor Challenge ( view description here
Please read more about the contests and let us know if you want to participate.
Other information
Please enter here any other relevant information such as
- previous experience (for more advanced semilabs)
- Preferences for team placement: SigmaCampers are housed in teams of 10-12. If you have friends going to SigmaCamp who you would like to be on the same team with, feel free to list them below. We do not promise to fulfill team placement requests, but will gladly consider them.