Workshops 2014

Arina Nikitina  Math games and winning strategies

Jacob Hobbie  The Higgs-Boson

Igor Zaliznyak  The Bernoulli Principle (experimenting with air and water flow)

Igor Zaliznyak, Alex Zaliznyak, Tatiana Tcherevik  Make Your Own Boomerang (and learn some of the science behind it)

Borya Kuznetsov  Printing black and white photos

Mark Lukin Glass blowing (a.k.a. test tube flowers and beyond)

Boris Podobedov  Rockets & Propulsion

Kostya Khrapko  Silicate gardens

Kostya Khrapko  Butterfly collection

Kostya Khrapko Your own cells under microscope

Alex Treyer  Building a Sound Synth

Kip Guja, Prajna Shanbhogue X-crystallography: introduction to solving protein structures at atomic resolution

Kip Guja, Prajna Shanbhogue "Super cool" demonstrations with liquid nitrogen

Cristina Mata  Mystery Circuit

Tatiana Zaliznyak  From dough to dessert: the science of pastry

Victoria Breshadsky  Plato's Cave

Victoria Breshadsky Build a camera obscura and try to draw with it

Alex Zaliznyak From the Beginning of Time to Wristwatch Origami Sundials

Alex Zaliznyak Mind over Mango: Newton, Descartes, and Ice Cream

Chelsea Maresca Einstein's Nobel Idea: The Photoelectric Effect and Solar Energy

Oksana Ivashkevych  Digital electronics zoo

Jenny Nitishinskaya  Sly mathematical solutions, including alternative uses for a chessboard

Natasha Zaliznyak and Julia Kharzeev  The Science of the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Andrey Khesin  The Mandelbrot Set: Exploring Fractals and Why England's Coastline is Infinite

Julia Kharzeev and Natasha Zaliznyak  Forestry

Vyacheslav Yurchenko  Green leaves: chlorophyll and beyond

Josh Lam  The Geometry of Soap Bubbles and Films

Marc Doucette  Juggling: Theory and Practice

Alan Rozet  Perception and Sensation: the way we take in the world

Dima Kozakov  Modeling of protein structure

Tatiana Pyatina  Breaking Geodes

Sasha Abanov  The Art of Knot-Tying

 Jessica Li  What You Didn't Know about Astronomical Observations

Anzhelina Shtenger  Four Color Theorem, Binary Finger Counting, and other good math stuff

Danya Lukin  The transistor: It's past and its future

Helmut Strey  Bayes theorem and its application in medicine

Shmuel Kfia  How to Think Logically

Yuri Salkinder  World Cup Of Everything Else: what if World Cup finalist countries competed in things other than soccer, like economic geography indicators

Junior Instructor’s workshops:

Grishka Barboy, Andrew Gritsevskiy   Nitinol: Metal with Memory?

Harrison Ku, Phil Chen Making a Motor

Harrison Ku, Phil Chen Black Holes

Phillip Kadaev  Numismatics

 Ilya Yurchenko, Andrew Mata Science of Soccer

Christopher Hayes, Nestor Tkachenko Making a Dye Sensitized Solar Cell