SC 2015 - Activities

Outdoor fun

Of course, what summer camp could be complete without some outdoor fun? We have swimming, soccer where both faculty and campers can play, yoga classes on the green grass, and of course, everyone's favorite -  the morning "rise and shine" exercises accompanied with thrilling music! Additionally, one could experience the art of tree climbing with the high and low rope course, which will be carefully supervised by certified rope facilitators. 


Chess and Ping-Pong tournaments

For true enthusiasts, we also had the ping-pong and chess tournaments running throughout the camp. Every one can participate!  Those tournaments are very popular during the camp, bringing together a huge crowd to watch the finals. We should mention that even though a faculty member has never once one, we have been practicing to make a comeback. On the last day of camp, team of campers and team of faculty  will play an amended game of soccer with chess incorporated into it. This become a thrilling experience for both the players, and the spectators.


Art, music and Theater

Do you like to draw and paint? Play music? Act as though you were on stage? Yes? No, but always wanted to try? Here is where you let your artistic-side do what it wants. You can do this on your own, or have the artists from the faculty (yes, we have professionally trained art, music, and theater faculty too!) help take you through it.


Evening clubs

In the evenings, campers had a choice of evening clubs, ranging from geography trivia game to poetry club. Evening clubs is the time to contemplate ideas, experience art, and relax your brain from a day's worth of work. Listening about the history of art, playing board games like the Settlers of Catan, reading interesting books, and watching extraordinary and peculiar movies are some things that could be done.