SC 2015: Workshops

Below you will find of all workshops prepared by our faculty, counselors, and campers.

Mark Lukin Glass blowing
Danya Lukin Nanofabrication
Lilianne Mujica-Parodi Introduction to Cellular Automata
Alex Treyer Building a Sound Synthesizer
Jenny Nitishinskaya Holography
Anzhelina Shtenger IPA
Tatiana Pyatina, Nikita Nekrasov Breaking geodes
Olga Kravchenko, Sasha Abanov Sailing knots
Tanya Zaliznyak The Sewing Machine, Inside and Out
Boris Podobedov Jamming a Radio Station
Josh Lam How to turn a sphere inside out
Shmoo Kfia What we talk about when we talk about music
Igor Zaliznyak Make Your Own Boomerang (and learn some of the science behind it)
Vicka Bershadsky Camera Obscura
Tanya Tcherevik Fun with Zobrist cubes, other puzzles
Gabe Gang (JC) Fossilized animals and their connection with human development
Phillip Kadaev (JC) Coin Collecting
Phillip Kadaev (JC) Introduction to Stelerium
Alex Frenkel Lenz Law Introduction
Natalia Butkevich (JC) Making Kaleidoscopes
Ilya Yurchenko (JC) Markov Chains: Whats On The Horizon?
Nikita Podobedov Rockets & Propulsion
Kostya Khrapko Silicate gardens
Kostya Khrapko Butterfly collection
Natasha Markuzon Visual Illusions: What they tell us about the brain
Natasha Zaliznyak The Science of the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
Andrey Khesin The Magic Stuff Called OOBLECK
Jacob Hobbie An Agent Based Interface for Making Games and Models
Jenny Kaufmann Graph Theory (introduced through puzzles)
Anya Cartwright Zentangles
Anya Cartwright Hashioki (ceramic)
Cristina Mata The Logic of Paradoxes
David Roberts Meet Hyperloop: The World's Next Breakthrough in Transportation
Luda Diatchenko Measuring pain sensitivity
Olga Kravchenko What day of the week was it? Were you born on a Sunday? - Conway's Doomsday method.
Anar Amgalan Game theory: man vs machine
Berk Özdalyan The Mysterious Computers
Arina Nikitina Vegetable-powered batteries
Tomasz Bakowski It's Rocket Science
Steven Castano Swordfighting and Footwork
Pavel Etingof Guesstimation
Alex Treyer Making Chladni Plates
Pavel Etingof Casino "Pasha, Shurik, and the Satan"
Michelle Roitgarts(JIC) Does Your Brain Trick You?
Nikita Podobedov(JIC) Flying Bottle Rockets
Nestor Tkachenko(JIC) Illusions
Andrew Mata Python Basics
David and Lev Bershadsky Game of drones pilot training
Max Basil Dark Matter

You can also view the archive of posters of our workshops (Zip file, about 9 Mb).