First full day of Sigma Adventure was eventful for everyone involved.  The day started with morning exercise followed by the morning rush to sign up for evening workshops in anticipation of the hands on fun to be had.  5 lectures were offered for everyone to choose from to start their day.  Following the lectures campers found their semilabs and embarked with their instructors on the journey of exploration.


Day 1: Sunday

The campers have been dropped off and settled in their cabins.  Immediately following started the Sigma Quest.  All teams ran through 10 stations jumpstarting their creative imagination while getting to know their fellow campers.  Team posters were created.

Lilianne enlightened all with the lecture on learning vs instinctive interactions. Lecture carried a cautionary message to beware of our animal nature getting the best of us and to expand our knowledge for further protection. 

Sigma Camp Blog Day 0

While most campers were yet safely at home, the staff of Sigma Camp was already on site unloading and building the camp.