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SC 2017: Transportation form

For students who will be traveling to the camp without the parents: SigmaCamp staff will be meeting students in JFK airport, New York, on August 12, between 3 - 7pm. For travel home, we can drive the students to JFK airport on August 20 by 1pm and will put them on flights departing between 3-7pm.

Please do not buy the flight tickets yet: We will get back to you ASAP to optimize arrival/departure times to minimize the amount of time your child waits at the airport for others and vice versa.

The cost of transportation will be approximately $75-$100, depending how many people sign up for it. This will include transportation to/from the airport, meals and the extra overnight stay at the camp.

If these times are impossibe for you, you will need to arrange for a private transportation (possibly shared with other families). Please indicate your choices below and we will get back to you.

It is the parents' responsibility to check the airline requirements for travel of unaccompanied minors and fill the required forms. For international travel, more paperwork may be needed (depending on your country); make sure you check all the official rules and regualtions.