Sigma Camp Day 7

Today was the last full day of Sigma!

As usual we started our day with lectures after breakfast. We discussed Fermat’s principal to bend light, investigated how to visualize, map and model the brain, examined the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences and learned about special effects that were around way before the computers even existed.

Sigma Camp Day 6

Today was the last regular day of Sigma Camp! As usual, we started our day with our daily morning exercise. After a satisfying breakfast, we proceeded to our phenomenal lectures. We discussed quantum computers, studied protein communication using tools developed for the study of social networks on the web, found out that Galileo made a mistake, and observed how simple ideas influenced thinking of the scientists.

Sigma Camp Day 5

Today we started our day bright and early. After a fulfilling breakfast we proceeded to our astonishing lectures. We investigated Benford’s law to discuss how to detect financial fraud, examined accelerator-based light sources, investigated the life of sun as a star, and reviewed the means behind discovery and validation of a drug. 


Sigma Camp Day 4

The weather at Sigma was a real gift today. We started our day with our morning exercise. Right after breakfast we eagerly joined the most captivating lectures- we were lucky to observe various examples of different language universals, explored causes of ocean deoxygenation, discussed the birth of physics, tackled the Bayesian brain hypothesis, and conceptualized higher dimensions to understand the Big Bang, black holes and elementary particles.

Sigma Camp Day 3

Another day full of fun and learning at Sigma is over. The weather today was more lovely than what we could dream of. The rain finally stopped and we were able to participate in the high rope course and even swim in the lake. Right after breakfast we dived into black holes, discussed the saga of the Chernobyl reactor, explored some exciting histories behind art in business and politics, and discovered deep secrets of Riemann sphere and Möbius transformations – oh my!

Sigma Camp Day 2

Our first full day of Sigma Camp is almost over. We started the day with a catchy morning exercise of “Hey Burrito”. After a fulfilling breakfast, everyone listened to some mind-blowing lectures. We learned about DNA synthesis, interpreted quantum mechanics, discussed how to control chaos, discovered that choreography is important part of physics, and acquired a new insight into codes and cyphers. Today was also the first day of our fascinating semilabs.

Sigma Camp Day 1

Today Sigma Camp welcomed its campers!
Excited campers started arriving at midday. There were many emotional reunions of old friends as well as beginnings of the new friendships.
Right after everyone settled into their cabins, we took an impressive group photo. To take this photo, Sigma photographers had to climbed a ladder, and a drone zoomed around above to make sure that everyone was in the pictures.

Hello, SigmaCamp 2018! Pre-camp, August 9-11

The past two days at Silver Lake have been awhirl with unpacking the U-Haul, reuniting with old friends, and preparing for all the fun this week. Almost all of the lab buildings have been equipped, and we are almost completely done with setting up SigmaCamp. So far, it's just counselors who have arrived. We're waiting on faculty and other staff to arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, we've been cooling off with a lot of liquid nitrogen ice cream! Check out what we've been up to here.

Get ready for SigmaCamp 2018!

It is less than two weeks until the start of SigmaCamp 2018!

Campers: please check arrival instructions for information on check-in procedure and list of things to bring (and not to bring).