Medical form

SigmaCamp has partnered with for managing campers health profile and authorizations. offers an electronic health record system for camps. Their system helps us to consolidate camper health information in a centralized and secure location. The security, confidentiality and privacy of your camper's personal health information will always be protected: only SigmaCamp's health staff will have access to camper health information, and all the data on the site is secure, encrypted and password protected.

By now all campers must have received an email from CampDoc with instructions. Once you sign up for a account, you will be able to complete your camper's health profile and required authorization. You will receive periodic notifications from if you have not yet completed the profile.

IMPORTANT: you need to sign up with the same email that was provided during SigmaCamp registration of your child. If by now you have not seen an email from CampDoc, this indicates some sort of discrepancy in the provided email. Please let us know about it asap. The state of Connecticut requires all campers to provide a copy of their last physical exam with doctor's signature and the office stamp, as well as a copy of your insurance card. You will find an empty form attached to this email. Also, the state of Connecticut requires that all medications have a Physician's order form, so that the camp's nurse has instructions for how the medication is to be taken.

This form will be generated by CampDoc after you enter all required medications into the system and then needs to be signed by a Physician. You will need to scan and upload these 2 forms to your CampDoc profile. Please note that the deadline for completing CampDoc profile is June 22, 2018. All profiles not complete by that date will incur a late fee of $75. If you have any questions about filling the health profile please contact us by email at or by phone at 631-816-9070 (Marina Kreydina).