SC 2018: Transportation form

Deadline for this form: May 20th.

SigmaCamp organizes a charter bus service from John F Kennedy Airport to Silver Lake and back for campers who are flying without parents.

We do not offer transportation from airport to camp for any students other than those flying without parents. However, we can accomodate several local students on the way back, for the parents' convenience of picking up their children from JFK rather than Silver Lake. This will be first-come-first-serve via this form.

Transportation to camp:
SigmaCamp staff will meet students in JFK airport, NY, on August 11, between 3-7pm. The cost is $50 and includes trasportation, Saturday meals overnight stay at camp.

Transportation from camp:
SigmaCamp staff will bring students to JFK airport on August 19 by 1pm and will put them on flights departing between 3-7pm. The cost is $30 for return transportation.

Please do not buy the flight tickets yet: We will get back to you ASAP to optimize arrival/departure times to minimize the amount of time your child waits at the airport for others and vice versa.

If these times (arrival to JFK and departure from JFK 3-7pm) are impossibe for you, you will need to arrange for a private transportation (possibly shared with other families). Please indicate your choices below and we will get back to you.

It is the parents' responsibility to check the airline requirements for travel of unaccompanied minors and to fill out the required forms. For international travel, more paperwork may be needed (depending on your country); make sure you check all the official rules and regualtions.

Finally, only for campers who are flying, we also offer brand new set of bedding (bed-in-a-bag): Pillow, pillow cover, blanket, blanket cover, sheet. The cost of the set is $30. The set is yours to keep after camp. 

As of August 12, 2017
If the student will be traveling with a cell phone, please provide the number here. Please include area code; for numbers outside of USA/Canada, also include the country code, e.g. +7-495-111-22-34
Names of parent(s).
Phone number where we can reach you. Cell phone is probably the best option. Please include area code; for numbers outside of USA/Canada, also include the country code, e.g. +7-495-111-22-34
Arrival airline and flight number, arrival time, airport
Departure airline and flight number, departure time, airport
Will your child be traveling as unaccompanied minor? Most airlines require it for young children traveling alone, but the rules and age limits vary by airline. Please check the airline's official regulations.
If your child is flying, would you like to purchase bedding for them for $30?
Please enter any comments or special instructions.