Day 10 - Goodbye

Today, we said our final goodbyes to our SigmaCampers. We look forward to seeing you all at Sigma2022, and wish you all an amazing year until then!

Day 9

Today, the campers had many events, starting with Grand Unification -- the final day of the Sigma Tournament where all the teams compete against each other by solving math and science problems! Our Sigma Tournament winner this year was Team Beta! Next, the campers raced their boats across the lake, which they have been working on throughout camp. All the teams did an exceptional job creating boats that got over half way across! Next, the campers presented their ideas for SigmaTank (a spin on the show SharkTank, where people pitch their new business ideas).

Day 8

The morning began with a filling breakfast of bagels before campers attended their last day of semilabs. It was a bittersweet day as campers got to finish their projects and say goodbye to their instructors. After semilabs, campers had a great time during the SigmaBreak participating in sport tournaments and taking advantage of the art barn. Campers fueled up with a lunch of sloppy joes and went to the day's lectures. After lectures, campers participated in the fourth day of the Sigma Tournament.

Day 7

Campers had a wonderful breakfast of pancakes to get them ready for a great day! They attended their third day of the second round of semilabs. During their break, campers had the chance to participate in a camp-wide scavenger hunt! The scavenger hunt was a great success and the campers did a great job solving all the riddles. The campers fueled up with burritos for lunch before heading to lectures. The lectures today included one about Bernoulli calculus and another about the physics behind spying.

Day 6

The morning our campers had a great breakfast of omelets and sausages. Afterwards, they went to their semilabs for the second day where they got to learn about data structures, cryptography, and modeling with Julia. It was raining during the morning so campers weren’t able to participate in the typical outdoor activities. Instead, they headed to the game rooms to play board games, ping pong, and foosball, or to their cabins to hang out with their teams. Campers ate delicious deli sandwiches for lunch and after lunch, campers got to listen to counselor lectures!

Day 5

Today was a very special day at Sigma! Our campers began the day with delicious waffles and french toast for breakfast, and headed off to their first day of the second semilab cycle. Our campers began learning about theater physics, synthesis of anti-COVID19 drugs, and forensic science! After a break before lunch and a meal of quesadillas, our campers headed to the secret Sigmageddon event! The backstory is that Sigma was overtaken by SigGru, an evil boss determined to end the world!

Day 4

Starting with a delicious breakfast of bagels and eggs, our campers were ready for another day of Sigma! Today was the last day of the first round of semilabs. Campers enjoyed their last days with their instructors and said their goodbyes! Tournaments were in full swing today, with ping-pong, tennis, chess, and foosball running simultaneously. After a lunch of chicken nuggets, our campers headed to the first ever day of counselor lectures! Our wonderful counselors shared their research, interests, and skills with the campers.

Day 3

We started the day off with morning exercises and a breakfast of sausages and breakfast burritos. Our campers then headed to their third day of semilabs. During the break, campers began their matches for the tennis, ping pong, and foosball tournaments. After a delicious pizza lunch, our campers attended lectures and had their second day of Sigma M.E.M.E. (Market Economics Meets Engineering). Campers got to continue working on the boat engineering project by winning mini-engineering tasks and collecting supplies.

Day 2

The campers woke up to a delicious breakfast of french toast in order to fuel up for their second day of semilabs. In one semilab, campers got to program the color sensors of a robot to stay inside the field, and in another, they cooked a hotdog with an electric current. Our lectures today covered topics from explosions to melting crystals. We had several breaks where campers got to swim, climb, boat, and play all of their favorite games. We had our first Sigma Tournament day today, where camper teams faced head to head in math and physics questions.

Day 1

Today was our first official day of Sigma Camp!. After our breakfast we headed to the first day of semilabs ready to learn! After lunch, we got to attend engaging lectures and learn about the physics of flight, quantum information, nuclear energy, and group theory. Campers also participated in the Sigma M.E.M.E. (Market Economics Meets Engineering) event to begin working on their camp-long engineering challenge. After a night of workshops, evening clubs, and team time, the campers went to bed excited for their next day at Sigma Camp.