Drawing and Painting with Sasha Kuznetsov

by Sasha Kuznetsov


Monday: Japonisme and the influence Japanese woodblock prints had on European artists.

This workshop will focus on Japanese art and the gigantic impact it had on the artists we have come to call the Post-Impressionists. Campers will have a chance to try out the style of the renown Ukiyo-e prints on their own. 






Tuesday:  Fascination of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Amadeo Modigliani and others with African and tribal art.

This workshop will cover the art of African tribes and the influence African art forms had on some of the leading avant-garde artists of the 20th century. Campers will get a chance to create their own African mask. 

 Materials: all you will need is a paper plate and something to draw and color with (markers will work best, but other options are fine as well).



Wednesday: Learning to “read” paintings. Viewing painting as literature and rediscovering how we perceive visual art.

Throughout centuries, we have been programmed to see works of art in a specific way. In this session, we will discuss the phenomenon of paintings as “literature” and our goal will be to render an image in the same style certain paintings of the renaissance period were made in. 








Thursday: The case for Cubism. Prioritizing geometric shapes, from Paul Cézanne to Pablo Picasso.

In this workshop we will discuss how a group of artists changed art history and the way art is perceived altogether by deciding that shapes matter more in a painting than subject matter. The focus in our art project will be to do the same.






Friday: Diving into the world of the subconscious: Exploring Surrealism.

Students will be prompted to create a Surrealistic artwork of their own.