Are All Infinities the Same?

by Sofya Raskhodnikova (Boston U.)

Are there more integers or real numbers? computational problems or computer programs? We will learn how to compare sizes of infinite sets and find out about problems that cannot be solved by computers, no matter how sophisticated computers get.

About the speaker:
Sofya Raskhodnikova is a professor of Computer Science at Boston University. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics and computer science from MIT. Sofya works in the areas of randomized and approximation algorithms and also data privacy. These areas are part of theoretical computer science. Sofya has taught at Epsilon Camp and C.A.M.P. (Camp for Algorithmic and Mathematical Play). Her best memories of her childhood are from a math camp she attended in Belarus. As far as her hobbies go, recall that she works on privacy.

Sofya's slides are attache below


and here is the video she recommended during the lecture:

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