SigmaCamp 2021 - Information for campers

Important action items for SigmaCampers:

  • Payment information. Deadline for submitting the payment is June 15, 2021
  • Submit the Camper Info Form, where you can select your semilabs (deadline June 15, 2021).
  • Medical exams and release forms will be available in mid-June. Proof of COVID vaccination will be required to participate in SigmaCamp; exemptions must be obtained (by email) by June 15th.

Special COVID-related requirements:

  • All staff and campers are required to be vaccinated. All campers coming to camp must have negative PCR test taken within the previous 72 hours (before arrival). For campers who had traveled by air recently (including campers arriving from other states or countries), there should be at least 3 days between the flight arrival and PCR test; thus, you MUST plan to fly to NY at least 4 days before the camp starts (e.g., you can arrive on Aug 6, take the PCR test in the morning of Aug 10, and come to camp on Aug 11 after getting negative PCR result). This includes campers who had been vaccinated. There will be no exceptions to this requirement. 

Other things (optional):

  • Would you like to run your own experiment at Sigma? Propose the experiment you'd like to run, and we'll help you make it happen! Deadline to submit Experiment of the Day proposals is July 1st.
  • Would you like to teach a workshop at Sigma? Complete the Junior Instructor Workshop form, due July 15th.