SC 2021: Arrival Instructions

SigmaCamp 2021 is just around the corner. Please read over some logistics below:

Check-in and Check-out procedures

SC 2021 will take place at Camp Eagle Hill, Elizaville, NY, at 232 White Oak Rd, Elizaville, NY 12523. Visit our directions page for suggestions on how to get there.

All campers are expected to arrive at SigmaCamp on Wednesday, August 11, between 1:00 pm and 2:00pm and depart on Saturday, August 21st, between 10:00am and 11:00am.

Check-in begins at 1:00 pm.  Due to COVID precautions, modified check-in procedures will be in place:

  • Check in will take place in the parents' vehicles.
  • Your vehicle will pull up to a designated spot, and counselors will be ready to greet the camper and help them with their belongings to the cabin.
  • Parents will be asked to not leave the cars, and will not be able to spend time on the premises.
  • Please make sure to bring your COVID test result, taken within 72 hours before arrival. A test from the morning of Sunday, August 8 (a bit earlier than 72 hours) will be accepted also. 
  • If you are concerned that you will not get your test result in time, we invite you to take two tests one day apart: One test on Saturday, and another test on Sunday. If you do not get your Sunday test result in time for camp, please bring your Saturday test result, as well as proof of the pending Sunday test result (we can only accept a Saturday test if the Sunday result was not returned in time).
  • Please bring your test results in printed form if at all possible: It will greatly simplify the check-in logistics for us.
  • A rapid on-site test will be self-administered by every camper before check-in is complete.

We know and appreciate that parents like to help with settling into the bunks, and to see the camp territory; We are implementing this modification as a temporary protocol for this year only. We thank you for your understanding!

Last day of camp is Saturday, August 21. Checkout starts right after breakfast (10am). All campers must be picked up before 11am. In accordance to a long-lasting tradition, after 11am all remaining campers will be packed into boxes together with lab equipment and shipped away until the next year.

Staying in touch

Instructions for contacting SigmaCamp staff or your child will be posted later. We will also keep a blog accompanied with pictures.