Day 0. Camper arrival!

After a morning of preparation and excitement, the Sigma staff welcomed our campers! The campers got to meet their team and counselors and settle into their cabins. We then began our mighty Sigma Quest! The teams participated in team building events and explored the beautiful Eagle Hill Camp. After we ate dinner all together, we met for the opening ceremony consisting of an introductory skit, a lecture about modeling COVID-19, and a celebration of our problem of the month participants. Most importantly, we opened the Sigma Spirit and let out the magic that makes our camp so great!

Hello SigmaCamp!

We are so excited to see you all tomorrow! The counselors have familiarized themselves with the new camp and began setting up Sigma for another memorable year. We have worked very hard to create an unforgettable in-person experience. We also celebrated the birthday of one of our counselors, Pina. Happy birthday Pina!