Junior Instructor Challenge 2021

The Junior Instructor Challenge is an opportunity for SigmaCampers to try themselves at being an instructor. Junior Instructor Challenge participants will get to teach their own workshop -- just like faculty and counselors do.

For those coming to Sigma for the first time, a workshop is a 45 minute hands-on lesson attended by 5-10 students. The topics vary greatly. For examples of workshops from past years, see workshop list from 20142015, and workshops from Virtual Sigma 2020.

The Junior Instructor Challenge is not a competition with others, but a competition with yourself -- you will be asked to submit a proposal for a workshop, which we will review and may ask you to revise. If your proposal is approved, then you will get to teach your workshop at SigmaCamp!

If you would like to particiapte in the Junior Instructor Challenge, please submit a workshop proposal below by July 15th.

More information about Junior Instructor Challenge

The Junior Instructor Challenge is a great opportunity for students to try themselves as instructors by teaching a workshop to fellow campers. Your workshop will run in parallel with all other workshops that day, and treated on equal grounds with all other workshops.

A workshop at Sigma is a 45 minute interactive lesson. The workshop philosophy is simple - the purpose of the workshop is twofold: 1) to teach a new, interesting concept, 2) to inspire, to excite campers about a topic they have not thought about in the past.

The Junior Instructor Challenge program is selective: You will need to prepare a workshop proposal first. Specifically, your proposal should include:

  • Background: Why is this workshop interesting? What interests you personally in this topic?
  • You qualifications: What makes you qualified to teach this workshop?
  • Takeaway: What is the most exciting thing(s) about the subject that you want to pass onto your audience?
  • A rough lesson plan: In the first 15 minutes we will do this., in the next 15 minutes we will do that, etc. Mark things that are optional : you will skip those things if you start running out of time.
  • Workshop title
  • Workshop description: a few sentences about your workshop that will go in the sign-up sheet. The description and title are critical: they determine how many people sign up to your workshop.
  • Budget: How much money you plan to spend. List all materials. All workshops will have a base budget of $20. If you believe you $20 may not be sufficient for your workshop, please get in touch with us first and we will let you know whether or not we will be able to fund your workshop.