Day 8: August 20

Last day!
Saying goodbyes to friends...
Hope to see you all next year!

Day 7: August 19

Here are some photos from our last day, Saturday.

More photos and description will be posted shortly!

Day 6: August 18

Today was the last normal day of Sigma. In semilabs, campers finalized their projects including their Smart Houses and solving the mystery in forensics (IT WAS IRIS!) After a break at the high ropes course, the lake, and the game room, campers attended lectures about astrocytes, data visualization, and cryptocurrencies, and luckily they’ll be able to attend more tomorrow! After a pizza lunch and second semilabs, campers competed in the engineering challenge building mobiles!

Day 5: August 17

After another somewhat rainy morning, campers began to finish up what they’ve been doing in their semilabs over the past few days. In the Unseen World of the Sea, students looked at fish under the microscope while in Surprises in Probability they learned about tree diagrams and played a counterintuitive probability game. After a break, campers headed to lectures about scientific writing, algorithms for streams, and quantum mechanics. After a filling lunch, campers went to their second semilabs and then headed to the Sigma tournament to compete in linguistics and applied science questions.

Day 4: August 16

We are already halfway through the week! The day started off with a delicious breakfast and then it was time for semilabs! After semilabs, the campers went swimming, played soccer, and created art during the first break. In lectures, they learned about game theory, the history of timekeeping, and cryptography. It was grilled cheese day for lunch! After lunch, campers went to their second semilab. The tournament today was a math challenge! The campers competed in a Dutch auction to create a mathematical expression that was equal to 100.

Day 3: August 15

The second full day of Sigma has now passed! Campers woke up to a rainy morning, but we didn’t let the rain spoil our fun! After breakfast, they headed to their semilabs, where they got to learn about fingerprints, strategies in game theory, and made sulfuric acid! Experiment of the day today was extra cool because it used liquid nitrogen ;). After a break of games and relaxing in the cabins, campers headed to lectures where they learned about neural engineering and entropy. Then, full after a barbeque-style lunch, campers headed to their second semilabs.

Day 2: August 14

Today was the first full day of Sigma with semilabs, lectures, and workshops! Campers started the morning off with morning exercise and a delicious breakfast of pancakes and then headed to their first semilabs! While some learned about blood tests and the history of forensics, others began working with their arduinos. Then, campers had the opportunity to go swim, play board games, and visit the high ropes course. Afterwards, we got to hear fascinating lectures about entropy, relativity, sequences, foundations of computation, and ChatGPT.

Day 1: August 13

Sigma 2023 has officially begun! We had a great day full of new friends and fun games. The campers got to enjoy the counselor skit and an amazing opening lecture given by one of our directors, Elena Yakubovskaya, during our opening ceremony. Also, the SigmaSpirit was released with a big boom (Sigma style)! To end the night, teams had milk and cookies during their first team time of the week.

Day 0: August 12

The counselors and faculty have arrived at Silver Lake in preparation for Sigma 2023! To prepare for your arrival, we set up all of our labs, prepared all our cabins, and fine tuned the academic program (while having a bit of fun at the lake). Have a safe trip tomorrow, we are so excited to meet you!