August 21, 2022

Counselors, campers, and staff alike said goodbye to their friends--new and old--after a wonderful week at SigmaCamp. Thank you everyone for making SigmaCamp 2022 such a wonderful experience. We hope to see you next year!

Here are some photos:

August 20, 2022

Today was, sadly, the last day of Sigma. Campers started off the morning with lectures before heading straight to Grand Unification--the final tournament event. After a tough competition, team Phi won the entire Sigma Tournament! Campers relaxed until lunch with a break, some of whom used this time to either prep for their SigmaTank presentations or participate in the camp-wide sponge war. After a delicious lunch, campers presented their ideal societies in the SigmaTank event to a panel of judges.

August 19, 2022

Today was SigmaCamps last academic day! Campers enjoyed going to lectures and finishing all of their semilabs. Although finishing their semilabs was sad, campers had the opportunity to raise their spirits with many events. Chessball took place today, which is a mashup of chess and soccer where campers verse faculty in both games. There was also the Game of Games, karaoke, virtual reality, tango, amongst many others. Campers went to bed gearing up for a fun-packed last day!

August 18, 2022

Like every morning, the day began with morning exercise and a nutritious breakfast. Campers then headed to lectures about the chemistry of mind-altering substances, the size of infinities, math in visual art, and superconductivity. In semilabs, campers got to make gold nanoparticles inside of nanocapsules, distilled esthers, and learned some introductotry glass blowing. Campers then got to play soccer, make clay-mation, and play ping pong. After a delicious lunch, campers headed to their second semilab and then to Sigma tournament where they played math games.

August 17th, 2022

Today was another great day at SigmaCamp! After breakfast, campers headed to their lectures about the science of color, relativity theory, AI applications in planes, and organoids. Today also marked the midpoint of semilabs for campers. Today, they made creme brulee (and learned about thermodynamics), extracted green fluorescent protein, and much more. It was an overcast day, so most campers brainstormed Sigma Tank ideas or played board games in the game room during their break. For lunch, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches were served.

August 16, 2022

Today was the second academic day of Sigma! Campers started off the day with a brisk morning exercise and french toast. Then came lectures! Campers learned about the math of democracy, nano assembly, what it means to be an organism, and information theory. As semilabs advanced today, campers got to explore deeper topics in subjects like cryptography and python. After semilabs, campers took advantage of the great weather by swimming and then fueling up at the lakeside cookout. The tournament was extra exciting today, as the campers were asked to dissect a frog.

August 15, 2022

Today was the first academic day of SigmaCamp. The day began with morning exercise, which ranged from basketball to ninja, right before a nutritious breakfast. Afterwards were lectures on the topics of cryptography, symmetry, continued fractions, and laws of the universe. Then was the first semilab of the day. Campers got to do ‘target practice’ with lasers, learned about the basics of cosmology, and began the transition from gene to protein. The campers then got a break from academics during break time, and some even explored the high ropes course! After lunch came the second semilab!

August 14, 2022

Finally, today is the day that campers arrived! Our counselors awaited eagerly to meet their new campers during check-in. After fueling up with some snacks, campers had the opportunity to get to know their fellow teammates and faculty during our Sigma Quest. After solving the Sigma Quest puzzle, the campers found the Sigma Spirit, which was to be opened later! After a delicious dinner, the opening ceremony began. Campers enjoyed a counselor skit and a wonderful lecture on quantum money from Andrey Khesin. Then came the big event, opening the Sigma Spirit!

T-1 Days 'Till Sigma

The counselors worked tirelessly today to set up camp and get everything perfect before the campers arrive. See you tomorrow, we can’t wait to meet you!

Here are some photos of us setting up camp!

T-2 Days 'Til Sigma

Hello everyone! Our counselors arrived last night and began preparations for SigmaCamp 2022! After lots of hard work, we decided to test out the lake for the campers. The lake is confirmed to be refreshing and fun :). We finished the day with a lovely campfire.