Qualification Quiz 2023

What is the Qualification Quiz?

Sigma Qualification Quiz 2023 consists of 12 problems; all students applying to SC 2023 must attempt to solve it and submit their solutions (except for winners of the Problem of the Month contest - see below)

The quiz consists of problems in Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Linguistics - two problems in each discipline. The problems vary in difficulty, and you are not expected to solve all of them. Do as many problems as you can (this will, of course, increase your chances of getting accepted), but even if you solve just one problem, please send us your answer anyway. When evaluating QQ solutions, we consider your age and the amount of effort and thought that your put into tackling the problems. In scientific research, persistence and creative and analytical thought are essential and we will look for that in submissions. (That is, show your thought process!)

Deadline for submitting solutions of QQ is April 15, 2023.

Who does not need to take the QQ?

Students who were admitted as winners of Problem of the Month contest. These students have been notified by email.

Everyone else (including past campers) need to submit the QQ.

POM 2022-2023 participants will be given the priority in acceptance to SigmaCamp 2023: 30% of your POM score will be added to your QQ score.

How to prepare and submit your solution

Before submitting your solutions, make sure you are logged in to your account! If you do not have an account, please visit the registration form.

All solutions must be submitted online. We encourage you to type up your answers, but some of the problems require math or chemical formulas, so you may want to handwrite your solutions. Handwritten solutions can be scanned (please save the scans in PDF format) and then submitted online. Allowed file formats are Word and PDF (except for CS problems, which need to be submitted as java or python files - see instructions in the Qualification Quiz).

If handwriting solutions, please make sure that your work is easy to read, as a courtesy to the graders. Please and leave wide margins. Use a dark pencil or black pen, and cross out instead of making smudgy erasures.:) If you submit a solution that does not follow those general guidelines, we may ask you to resubmit.

Solutions for every problem must be saved as a separate file!; you can submit them independently of each other (so you can submit solutions for one subject earlier than the other).

To submit a solution, click on the link below:

(you need to be logged in to submit your solutions of QQ).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at


We wish you good luck on your application, and hope that you will enjoy working on the Qualification Quiz.