2023: JC Application

Eligibility and information

If all of the following apply to you:
- you are a SigmaAlum
- you are turning 16 years or older before the start of Sigma 2023
- you are currently in 11th or 12th grade (for international students, last two years of high school: contact info@sigmacamp.org if unsure of eligibility)
- you understand that if you submit an application and are not invited as a JC, you will not be eligible to go to SigmaCamp as a camper in 2023.
- you can make yourself available in August 2023 during dates of camp (dates for Sigma 2023 TBA)
you are eligible to apply for the Junior Counselor position at SigmaCamp 2023! 
As are all SigmaStaff, JCs are volunteers (not paid). All living expenses and travel expenses are covered.
The application deadline is December 1st at 23:59 EST. Your application isn't complete until you have submitted this form and received a confirmation from us by email. If you don't receive an email from us confirming, get in touch with us. 
Results will be announced in March 2023.
 If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Contact info: Daniil Lukin, info@sigmacamp.org


What makes a good counselor?
What, in your opinion, does it mean for a counselor to be a role model for the campers? And what makes a good counselor, anyway?
Problem and Solution
Identify a problem at SigmaCamp and propose a solution for it that we could implement next year.
Math and Science
SigmaCamp is a math and science camp. Please share your math/science interests, achievements, and aspirations. If you have competed in math/science contests you are welcome to share your results.
Your non-academic interests
One thing that's great about Sigma is the diversity of interests, talents, hobbies. What are yours, what which may you wish to bring to Sigma?
Workshop Ideas
All counselors at Sigma are responsible for running a workshop. Propose a few workshop ideas in the spaces below. For each workshop, compose an abridged "lesson plan": What will you be doing? What topics will you cover? What materials will you need (if applicable)? What makes you qualified to teach it? What makes the topic interesting? It is encouraged that your workshop proposals focus on favor of science/math/engineering.
Something New
What could be added to SigmaCamp to make it a better program? Your proposal should be realistic, with consideration for the many organizational limitations.
What can YOU do?
Is there any particular job (outside of direct counselor responsibilities) that you would enjoy doing at Sigma? Perhaps it is one that has not yet been invented..
Remember the Tournament problems, perhaps some good ones and some less so? Propose a problem for the Tournament in the subject of your choice (and the solution to it). You may use the online text-box or upload a pdf file.
By checking the box below, you acknowledge that SigmaCamp does not take responsibility for the privacy of your written application's content and the content of evaluations completed on your behalf by SigmaStaff members.